Are You a Wayseer?

Wayseer is a term coined by Garret John LoPorto and he uses it to group together freethinkers, thrill seekers and other people that have non-conformist tendencies. A friend posted a video that LoPorto did that is an interesting rap/song about how the Wayseer is the leader of the future, as long as they embrace their different way of looking at the world and expressing themselves.

Originally I was interested because it seemed to describe my youngest son, who is always looking to do things his way and is stubborn as heck about it too. So, I thought that maybe I would get insight into how his little brain works and maybe figure out a way to deal with his unique thought process. I bought the book and have started reading the e-version. I have only made it through the first chapter.

Normally I do not promote products and say that one should purchase them, and I am not saying that you should purchase this book either. I have just found the premise very interesting that a gene that only 10% of the population has can make a person think and act differently enough to change the other 90% of society.

LoPorto appears to be encouraging free, independent thought; for one to look at something and see what others seem to miss or accept on faith alone. Gee, that sounds like what we do. We like to bring you interesting ideas, thoughts, or just things that we find and share them and hope that you see what we see or if you see it differently that you speak up and tell us.

As I read this book and see what it offers, I will share. If you decide that you want to purchase this book yourself, please share your thoughts on it with us. We would love to know what you think about it.

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