Burn a Koran Day?

I am not sure who started it, or how it began, but whoever came up with the idea for an international day to stand up and burn a Koran (or any other holy book for that matter) is just looking to stir the pot they live in. This describes to me a person who thrives on hate and chaos, and not a person that wants to spread love and peace.

While these people may not have invented international burn a Koran day, Drs. Terry and Sylvia Jones of the Dove Outreach center has a site dedicated to demonizing Islam. There are pictures of signs stating that Islam is of the Devil and a video that includes inflammatory clips about terrorists chanting their hatred in the streets.

This makes me feel sad, and sick, and angry. And maybe anger is not the way to go, but I can’t help it. Spewing the crap that is coming from this small church is not the way to peace. The Drs. Jones say that they follow the Bible, but to be honest I can find nothing of the Bible, or any other scripture that I know of in their words. What they are spouting is pure hatred.

I was inspired by a friend, who wrote a letter to the Joneses and sent it privately (and if she will let me, I will include it in the comments section later), to write my own letter, but instead of a private statement I want to make it public. So here goes:

Dear Drs. Jones,

This is an open letter to both of you and your congregation in Gainsville, FL. I hope that you will share it with them.

Over my many years of studying comparative religion, alternative beliefs, and even atheism I do not believe that I have come across a more hateful, non loving message from a church. You claim that you follow the Bible, but where I cannot see. Throughout the Bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, love is the law. The first commandment is to love God before all others, and then Jesus came and brought us the law to love our neighbors. These words start in Exodus and continue through Leviticus, Mathew, Mark, Luke, Romans, Galatians, and James. No where can I find a place that says hate thy neighbor of condemn thy neighbor if they believe, think, dress, act, look, speak, etc differently than you.

While I may not be able to stop you, I do hope that these words and the words of many others from the United States and around the world at least cause you to think and realize what hatred you are unleashing unto the world. What you are doing is going to harm and condemn so many souls, according to your own beliefs and sacred book. Your words and actions make no sense to me.

Instead, I am going to do what I can to counter act the hate you put the world and ask the people who regularly read this blog, who read this letter, and all the other places they are following us to take time on September 11th this year, light a candle, say a prayer, or just think good thoughts to help bring a little more love, a little more tolerance, and little more peace into this chaotic and crazy world we live in.


Rev. Kelly Hunt and Rev. Zita Rudiger

Heartfelt Ministries, Plover, WI

With that my friends, please take 5 minutes and think peaceful thoughts on September 11th this year, and if you can continue it every day of the year.  This situation reminds me of a poem by Frank Outlaw.

Watch your thoughts,
for they become words.
Watch your words,
for they become actions.
Watch your actions,
for they become habits.
Watch your habits,
for they become character.
Watch your character,
for it becomes your destiny

Change and peace begin at home, let’s start spreading it today.

If you have thoughts that you would like to share with Drs. Jones, please leave a comment. I am sure that they would love to hear from you.

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