Carry a Little Good Luck with You as You Go

How many people carry a good luck charm? Here we are in the age of computers and rationality and I know lots of people who own a certain ‘lucky’ item that they will carry when needed. Sports fans especially will speak of wearing their lucky jersey to help their team with that big win on game day.

I wanted to take a look at some of the more popular good luck charms just for the fun of it.

The Rabbit’s Foot Charm: this is a very old charm that harks back to the idea that carrying a part of an animal would give you some of that animal’s attributes. In this case the rabbit or hare was believed to be clever enough to survive any misfortune, as well as extremely fertile and sexually potent.

The Horseshoe: It was a reminder of the horse-goddess Epona; the material was the height of high-tech back in the day, and if it protected a valuable animal like a horse, it should protect your home. Placed over a door with the points up meant it was gathering blessings and goodwill. Placed points down was generally done over a forge to pass energy back to the ironworker who made the original.

The Hand of Fatima: This represents fertility, faith, and protection, as well as the five major virtues of Islam. To wear it or have it displayed is to invoke blessings, strength, good luck and family. It is very popular throughout the Middle east, southern Europe and with any number of celebrities.

The Four-Leaf Clover: Finding a fourth leaf on a clover is relatively unusual and makes it more effective as a talisman. The leaves represent wealth, love, health and blessings for the finder. It should be carefully dried and preserved to keep the leaves from falling off the stem. Giving them away is frowned upon, since who would be stupid enough to give away their good luck?

Frogs: The symbol of a frog or toad is a popular symbol in the Asian world. It is especially powerful for prosperity, fertility and protection among Feng Shui practitioners. In Egyptian symbolism it represents the Goddess Hekt, protectors of mothers, newborn children and goddess of magic.

There are literally dozens of talismans used to bring good fortune. Many are very personal, such as the kid who always wears a necklace given them by a favorite relative, the pretty stone you picked up while hiking, or a photo of a loved one you feel protects you.

If you are looking for a charm of your own, I suggest that you follow an old folk magic method. Go somewhere you don’t normally go, such as a park or walking trail you don’t normally frequent, or a public event such as a concert. Just make sure it is outdoors and a place relatively new to you.

Once there, keep your eyes open for anything that attracts you. It may be a penny on the ground, an odd-colored pebble, a piece of broken jewelry you find, or maybe the hot dog vendor gives you a strange coin with your change. You might even find it in a souvenir stall!

That said, I want to point out that good things happen to people who believe they are worthy of them. If you believe you are a lucky person, then you are lucky. A good attitude will go farther to change your life than any rabbit’s foot! Leave a comment and tell us what your good luck charm is: is it one of the classics or do you have something more unique? We’d love to hear about it!

Find your piece, friends!

Rev. Zita

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