End of Days Postponed?

Now that we have all survived the Doomsday of 2011, or was that the Rapture of 2011, a new prediction has surfaced from Harold Camping. Or maybe it is just a recycling of an old prediction…anyway, while the rapture and the predicted earthquake that was to announce it had failed to materialize on May 21, Camping still claims that the world will end on October 21, 2011.

Many Practical Heretic readers have already claimed disgust and disbelief at the first prediction of May 21, and even our own Rev Zita let her anger out about the fraud that Camping had committed and spread. After following the news this past week, I really can’t blame her for being so angry (although I am admitting I was cracking jokes about this whole rapture thingy). Camping is really abusing his power and influence. According to one source, a teenager was so fearful of being left behind to suffer, she took her own life. Personally, I hope that someone finds a way to hold Camping responsible for his falsehoods.

I really though that in today’s age of appreciating education and admiring people who thought for themselves that we would have had more people laughing at Camping and ignoring his brand of hogwash. Instead, the man, who has been wrong with the exact same prediction several times before, has a following who took him literally. We have already discussed that true followers of the Bible already know that the end of the world cannot be predicted and that Camping is not following the Bible at worst and at best is just picking and choosing what he wants to listen to.

Additionally, Camping is going against most Christian thought and is using some sort of numerology system to “verify” his predictions. For years most Christian systems have preached against the use of numerology and other methods of divination. Granted I can’t find a biblical reference that is for or against the practice but most believers seem to follow the thought that numerology and the like are the works of Satan. If that is so, then why is Harold Camping using it to predict anything? Maybe he is one of Satan’s minions and we should all stop listening to him. From what I have seen and heard, he has only lead those who belief him astray.

Instead of listening to anyone who would use fear mongering to control us, to influence our actions, we do need to decide to think for ourselves. Before believing in any end of the world prediction, ask yourselves how plausible that prediction is. The only end of the world prediction that I have heard of that even seems realistic is the one by the astronomy community when the sun finally burns itself out. Keep in mind that isn’t supposed to happen for a billion years or so…literally a billion.

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