Merry Christmas One and All!

It’s the time of year when we are all looking around and saying “Bless it, I forgot to get a gift for… (insert name here)!

Yeah, we all do it and more often than we want to. I’m doing it right now and trust me it’s a total panic attack since I have a pretty big family. I’d love to lavish them all with whatever their little heart’s desire, but that just isn’t possible until I win that darn lottery. Then you’ll see some Christmas presents, I tell ya!

So here are some ideas to take some of the fear out of forgetting a special someone, or at least to let them know you actually did think of them, even if it was at the last minute. The craft store is your best friend right now, so here are some ideas before you jump in the car.

For the thinker in your circle: make them a PDA! Not the electronic kind, this one fits in the back pocket and uses a more traditional interface. Get a small notebook that will fit in a pocket and a small craft pencil. Wind ribbon in a bright color around the pen and glue in place, leaving two lengths about 4” long to attach to the notebook. The tails can be used to tie the book shut. Now they can keep their day organized. You can decorate the book as well with fancy inks or stamps. Make a few, since these are good for men or women.

Decorate a pen for your favorite writer: Choose a pen that is a little thicker than normal. You can wrap it in fancy ribbon or fabric trim (check out the remnants sections of your nearest craft store for some good deals) hang chains with charms from the top, strings of beads or pearls, or paint the barrel of the pen with glue and roll in seed beads for a mosaic effect.

Make a necklace for your beloved fashionista: Mix and match different sized chains from thin to thick and add chunky beads, sea glass pendants, wood and ceramic to create a drape she’ll be proud to wear.

Bracelets: These can be done with leather thongs, chains, braided colored cords, you name it. If you can tie a knot in it, you can make a bracelet out of it. Add steam punk charms, lockets, watches, dog tags, mini bird cages, whatever looks fun and wild. Great for the teen emo in the family!

If you can sew or know someone who can, get a plain rayon scarf in their favorite color. To this you can add coin or bead trim, fringe in the same or a contrasting color (black and white is always good).

A custom T-shirt: stamp it with fabric paint in a cool design or use a bleach pen to write their name on it over and over again (works better on cotton fabric, and remember to rinse with a vinegar solution to stop the bleach from eating the fabric)

We love Christmas and we love our families, but sometimes life just gets in the way of showing that. None of these quick crafts require a lot of time and all will be appreciated! Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Hannuka, and a Blessed Winter Solstice to everyone out there!

Rev Zita.

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