Loving Wastefully

Coming up with ideas to share here is sometimes hard and sometimes easy, as you can see by how often we actually post. We tend to look all over for inspiration, anything from the news, to other blogs, and even our friends. I have to thank my friend Rev Jeri Murphy for sharing the phrase “love wastefully.” The interpretation is that loving wastefully is without limits.

How many of us actually love wastefully? Unfortunately, I have to admit that I don’t always give my love away, but rather place limits on it. I know that many of you will say that is human nature, and maybe you are right. Yet again, what else do we have to give away that can be truly free in this life? As far as I can see nothing, but yet most of us, if not all of us, place limits on how we love one another.

This seems like the perfect topic considering that Valentine’s Day, the day we all think of love, is just around the corner. I challenge you to find 5 ways to love someone “wastefully” in your life each day. You don’t have to use your 5 ways on the same person all day, so feel free to spread it around. The point here is to try to create stronger connections to those that you love in your life in a world that sometimes seems bent on making us forget what is really important.

The one thought that I have is: can spreading love really ever be wasteful? It seems to me that the more love we spread the more we’ll get back, be it through a smile, laugh, hug, or some other way of showing that we matter and what we do for each other matters.

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  1. What a great challenge!

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