Proofs of Love

Over the past few months and still now, I have been in the middle of my own health crisis. I have seen lots of doctors from the ones in the ER, my own family doc, and then the surgeon too. That also means that I have spent time in a lot of waiting rooms with a ton of magazines. I never really expected to find a basis for a blog while waiting to be seen by a doctor, but this month this article came back to me and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner and the theme of love in air, it seemed right to share it.

I picked up the waiting room copy of Good Housekeeping and found an article by Gretchen Rubin about her year long project on making herself and her life happier. The article is about how through giving love she found that she felt more loved. The idea that she had for one month was based on the saying that “There is no love. There are only proofs of love.” by the French poet Pierre Reverdy.  During this month of her Happiness Project she worked on making sure that the people in her life were shown proofs of love.

How many of us give proofs of love to those that really matter in our lives daily? I know that I am guilty of not always showing how much those around me matter. There always seems to be one more article that needs to be written, some one’s wedding to work on, cleaning to be done, a resume to fill out, a project for class, etc., etc., etc. To be honest, the excuses take longer to list than the time it would take to give all of those someones that proof of love that we all crave in our lives; those little things we want the people in our lives to do for us.

Giving someone you love a proof of how you feel is not expensive or time consuming. It can be a simple gesture: a hug, a phone call, a free e card that says “thinking of you.” You can always follow Rubin’s example and make silly phone calls to your loved ones as you go about your day. The truth about this is that we are considered the most connected society in the history of the world with our cell phones, laptops, netbooks, etc. but most of us still feel lonely and unloved. Let’s work to change that one person and one proof at a time. Spread those proofs of love in little, surprising ways.

If you have an idea how to show a proof of love that is inexpensive, or better yet free, please leave a comment and share your ideas. We love to see how varied and fun our readers are.

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