Spiritual Discovery

I have probably said this before, but it needs to be restated. I watch too much TV. And I am going to prove it to you now. Lately, I have been watching reruns of that sitcom, “Dharma and Greg” and loving every minute. I liked the show the first time it aired, but missed most of the episodes because I worked at night. So, now, years later, I am watching them again.

So, back on track here, last night an episode aired where stuffy Greg is on a journey to self discovery. He quit is lawyer job, is trying meditation, long walks in the park, and literally stops to smell the roses. It is completely the opposite of his life until this point.

This whole journey started because he could not answer the question of why he became a lawyer. And since Greg is an all or nothing kind of person, this trip to spiritual discovery is a bit on the extreme and wild side. But the show brings up the question of destiny and your true self.

During Greg’s journey he begins arguing with everyone like they are on trial. And granted it makes for a funny show, but makes the point of showing that we can’t fight who we are inside. The Greg character is a lawyer through and through and when he got away from it, the traits that made him a great  lawyer came through anyway. I often wonder if we are all that way. If we got away from what we do if the things that make us do them would come out anyway.

Then this seems to fit in with the Wayseer book that I have been reading (and still not finished with). Part of what LoPorto says is that if you deny your true nature, you end up with compulsive behaviors driving you. Since Greg is a character and not a real person, his compulsion was funny and relatively harmless, but in real life compulsions can be dangerous and life threatening: drugs, alcohol, smoking, over eating, and so on and so on.

So do we all need a time out to truly discover who we are inside? And will discovering and honoring our true nature, as LoPorto stated, really stop those compulsions? Or are we as people, just insane and fooling ourselves into believing that there is any standard of normal? Maybe that spirituality and discovering our true self is a journey into madness and not a journey to enlightenment.

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