Survive the Winter!

Winter has actually showed up here in Central Wisconsin and being forced indoors creates its own challenges. ‘Cabin fever’ is a real hazard and can lead to frayed nerves and tempers. We all miss the sunny days of summer, and not all of us enjoy winter sports. Personally, I am one of those people who are more inclined to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate than to go ice fishing. In the spirit of surviving the snowy months, I offer up a list of things we can do to make the winter more enjoyable.

  1. Join a book club. This is great because it gives you literature and socialization in one. If you can’t find one, talk to a few of your co-workers and see about setting one up.  You can even choose a theme such as romance books, novels, or non-fiction. You can even devote the club to a person such as JFK or Abraham Lincoln. You could also combine this with the recipe club below and learn about the foods mentioned in the books you read.


  1. Start a recipe club! Meet friends to share a potluck dinner of new and old favorites. Make copies of the recipes for each member. Or each person can bring a dish for each course of the meal: one for the appetizers, one brings the main dish, another brings the side dish, and the last brings the dessert. What variations can the club come up with for future meetings? The possibilities are huge!


  1. 3.       Exercise. EEEEWWW! Yeah, but you’ll feel better, look better and it keeps those winter blues to a manageable level. Hmm, I should take my own advice. Get a few DVD’s and find someone to work out with and keep you on track.


  1. 4.       Take up a hobby. Make fishing lures, beaded jewelry, sew clothes or stuffed animals, research your family history, knit, crochet, make birdhouses to put up in your yard, sculpt little clay figurines, etc. Lots of possibilities out there so google it and see what you might like.


  1. 5.       Start a blog. is free and you can write anything you like. Share your politics, religion, personal philosophy or your experiences with UFO’s. It’s all good.


  1. 6.       Home repair. Since you’re in there anyway, it might be a good time to fix those little things like loose cupboard or closet doors, sticky drawers, that squeaky floorboard or stair tread. Save the huge remodeling projects for warmer weather, though.


  1. 7.       Start spring cleaning early. Wash the walls, scrub the floors, clean out the attic and tell stories to the kids about the things you find. Save the garage for summer unless it’s heated.


  1. 8.       Plan a trip, even if you don’t go. Have the kids pick any spot in the world and plan a trip there. Learn about the locations, the climate, what there is to see, the language and the customs. Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, central and south America are all great places to learn about and even better to dream about seeing.


  1. 9.       Game night! Once a week invite friends over to play games. Board games, card games, video games, it doesn’t matter. Bring food and beverages and have a good time!


  1. 10.   Movie night! Pick a theme for each week and make lots of popcorn. Horror movies, thrillers, chick flicks, Viking week or bad monster night. For a totally camp experience, try running a few of the 1950’s drive-in movies. So bad even MSTK 3000 would have problems watching.


Winter can be a trying time for everyone and I hope this list gives you some ideas. I’d love to hear any and all suggestion you may have for winter activities or if you can help us expand our own lists, so leave us a comment below. In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy the snow!

Find your peace, friends.

Rev. Zita

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