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Atheists Under Attack

Admittedly this is another, where does this guy get off? posting, but seriously, where do these people get these ideas? OK, I need to slow down here, I am speaking of Pastor Mike Stahl of the Living Waters Church. Personally, I think this guy is on an ego trip, especially considering that the URL for his church is not anything about it, but rather the URL is Pastor Mike’s Church. That says a lot right there.

Pastor Mike, and I use the title loosely, wants to create a national registry of atheists; just names, pictures, and general locations, not actual addresses, to inform the public about the atheists that live in their neighborhoods. His claim is that this registry will allow “true Christians” to minister to atheists and warn them about the “dangers” of the atheist lifestyle. Instead, I see this being a trigger to vandalism to local businesses, violence to people, and another way to spread hate in our communities.

This view is not just from the announcement of the registry, but from Pastor Mike’s comparison of atheists to sex offenders and extremist terrorism. I just can’t understand where Pastor Mike gets the idea it is OK to belittle a group of people for their beliefs. Nor can I think of any religion that teaches that this type of behavior is OK.

Pastor Mike, if you find this blog posting, I beg you to stop what you are doing and let people be. Instead of spreading poison and hate, spread love and peace. It better fits the role you are trying to fill.