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Indigo and Crystal Children: An overview

Today seems to be my day for finding blog topics, since the past few days I have been just lost and not coming up with a proper conversation piece. Earlier I got a call from a wedding planner and had a topic for our Not Your Mom’s Wedding Blog and tonight I decided to listen to Cathie’s Distant Echoes Blogtalk Radio show and found one for here.

Cathie features different psychics, spiritual leaders, and speakers on her show and sometimes they do readings and other times they speak on a topic that they are experts in or is something that they have experience with. Today Cathie featured Brenda Tenerelli who brought up the topic of Indigo and Crystal children. Of course this topic is near and dear to me, since my oldest son may fit in to this grouping of different kids.

I have read the book on Indigo children years ago, but most of what I read I seem to have forgotten. I guess it is time to bring it out again and reread that too.

o   Act like royalty or they deserve to be here and are surprised when others do not share the same feeling

o   They know who they are and their worth

o   They do not like authority without a reason

o   Some tasks of daily life are hard for them, such as waiting in line or concentrating when told to

o   Rigid ritual frustrates them and they often want to be creative

o   Tend to think “outside the box” and find it hard to conform to any system

o   Anti social except with their own kind; find social organizations like school difficult

o   Do not respond to guilt easily

o   Will voice their needs openly and loudly if necessary.

o   May be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD

o   Usually born after 1995

o   May have large eyes, but always an intense stare

o   Have a magnetic personality and highly affectionate

o   Musically inclined and usually talk late in life, may sing before speaking

o   Very spiritually inclined and may speak openly of angles, spirit guides, and the like

o   Are usually fearless  and climb everything with an unusual sense of balance

o   Highly sensitive to the energies around them and may use telepathy or sign language they invent to interact with those around them.

o   May be diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

Of course there is so much more to these children and as I learn more about them I will share it with you. In the mean time, please join Cathie on her Blogtalk Radio show and enjoy her interesting topics and speakers.