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Why Practical Heretic?

Let’s delve into why we chose to call this area the Practical Heretic. First, it just sounds cool and rebellious. Two, it makes a person think, can heresy be practical? And if it can be, why would the church be against it? Practicality should be honored, and in our time of most people being stressed out over all the details that make up our lives, keeping things simple and practical seems like the right thing to do.

When discovering what something is, it is wise to break it down into its parts and understand the meanings of the parts. In our case, practical has 10 different meanings according to Dictionary.com. Ranging from meanings such as reasonable to pertaining to, and even application in the theater. We want you to be sure that your spirituality is practical, it serves you and works with your life. We want you on the spiritual path that feels right to you.

Next we discover what heretic is. Again we turned to Dictionary.com for the meanings. Heretic, as we use it here, either means a believer who acts contrary to the dogma of the institution or someone who thinks freely. Either meaning is appropriate here. We want you to be free thinkers, we want you to reject the dogmas that are wrong, that go against what is right.

Religion as it is known today is all about giving up for God, and I suppose they could be right, but I have one major issue with that. If God is the father of us all, and is equated to parenthood, then he wants nothing from us. Not really. As a parent, I don’t really want anything from my children. I want them to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted enough to be a practical and productive part of society. But the things that I really want out of life, my children can’t give me, that is not their role, I have to fill those myself. Just like they are going to need to learn to fulfill their needs themselves.

God is not going to give us anything, nor does he want anything from us. He wants us to learn to fulfill our needs ourselves and to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted enough to get by in society. In other words, a Practical Heretic.