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Election 2010….I can’t wait for November 2nd to be OVER!

To start with, I am not going to tell you who to vote for, I am not promoting one candidate over another; this isn’t that type of blog or that kind of space. And to be honest, I am not sure where you are from, but we are in central Wisconsin and the election here has gotten dirty and nasty and frankly I am sick and tired of it.

I am usually a rabid voter, and I have an opinion on everything, which should be no surprise to any of you out there, but this election I am just confused and disappointed in all the candidates available. There used to be a time when (and it wasn’t that long ago) a candidate put out there what they stood for, what they wanted to accomplish in office and how they planned on doing it. All sides would put out letters, commercials, and what not to show this (in addition to the normal mud slinging). From there you could decide if the candidate deserved your support or not. Not this year.

Frankly, here we are the day before we vote and I have no clue who I am voting for. That has never happened, with the exception of my first election when I was 18 and indecisive. I have no idea who stands for what, other than they are not in support of the other person on the ticket. I already know that you are against the other person and their party and what they stand for, but what is that? What is it that you stand for? Anything is better than what is out there now.

Like the race for governor….the Republican candidate says that the Democrat did such and so, and therefore we should vote Republican and the Dems say the opposite. The Green Party says they have a candidate but I have no clue about them either…

And that is like that for every race. What are these parties trying to do to us. Turn the general public away from voting? It is bad enough that most people are apathetic at best about their right to vote. We don’t need to turn people off to voting but to get them more involved. But with these campaigns, we are not going to do it.

Normally, I would tell you to look at the candidates and the issues and decide from there who really stands for your best interests, but at this point, I can’t figure out who stands for anything.

Maybe I should just write myself in for every position. It isn’t like I would seriously win or even come close…

Anyone out there running a write in campaign that is understandable and not just “against” someone else? If you are please let me know and you will have my vote, because at least you stand for something, at this point anything.