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Giving Back

Since today is National Make a Difference Day, this seems like the appropriate time to start begging for people to help their communities out. We all know that the economy sucks and that more of us need help than in previous years. Unfortunately there are also less of us giving since we all have less to go around. That being said, I am begging you to please donate food, time, or gently used clothes, housewares, furniture, shoes, bags, and anything else you think someone may need to get that hand up. It is so important for us to give back as much as we can.

If you live in Central Wisconsin like we do, here are some links that may help you find a place to donate those much needed items or maybe a place to volunteer that fits in with your schedule or ideas.

The Salvation Army

Catholic Charities
United Way
Red Cross
Portage County Hunger and Poverty Prevention
Operation Bootstrap

Keep in mind that the holidays are coming up as well. Donating over the next few months can make the holidays so much happier and nicer for those who are in need this year.

If you live outside of Central WI, some of these organizations have chapters nation wide, and are always in need of volunteers or for supplies. Give what you are able.

Thank you all for reading.