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Demonic, Non Demonic, Human and Non Human Spirits.

I am just going to say upfront that this blog post has quite the back story to it, so bare with me….or is that bear with me? I can never remember, but you get the point.

Last night, I was listening to my friend Wayne’s show called Paranormal Explorer on Blog Talk Radio (the link takes you to his page on BTR and the archives…and on Friday night that will be a new show and I believe it starts at 10 pm CST for the live version plug is done, sort of). Most of the time, Wayne’s show is about Wayne and what he can do, and I will say that Wayne is a very talented medium, but most of us are there to learn more, but I keep listening because Wayne is my friend and I love him, and sometimes I learn an interesting nugget or two from him and sometimes I just get to make fun of him. Sometimes he has awesome guests like Beckah the Psychic (I loved her shows, very interesting to listen to), Mike who heads up some sort of paranormal investigation group down in Iowa, and this Bishop with the Catholic Church who goes out demon hunting (I don’t remember his name or I would send you to his site as well).

Most of the time, I lurk in the chat room and make funny comments on what Wayne is talking about, and the rest chat with the other people there. In the chat room, I met a person (I am assuming a woman based on the email address I was given) who is either researching to get involved in a paranormal investigation group or is just starting in one. She understood that demons could be a threat to her, and that most of the non corporal persons she met would be of the human variety. What surprised me was that she did not know that there are many other non-human spirits or ghosts out there that are helpful, not just harmful as in demonic….although not all harmful spirits are demonic in nature either.

During this talk with her, I was asked for a good book that would help explain and identify all this for her. Which would be great, except I don’t know of only one book. All the knowledge that I have on non-corporal entities comes from a wide variety of sources including old stand-by’s like The Tibetan Book of the Dead to myths and fables (remember that myths and fables are only the losing religions of olde) where you gain a small chunk of insight, to collections that deal with how to work with faerie folk and other elementals.

So, I guess first…Does anyone know of a complete guide to non-corporal entities? Does one even exist? And is there a simpler way than sorting through many stories to come to that kernel of truth to learn how to work with and defend against our elemental and wee folk friends that are not always so friendly? Any advice is appreciated.

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