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Am I really being haunted?

Saturday was our bimonthly ministry meeting, and summer seems to make it very slow. Anyway, we were waiting for people to show up, and were talking with L’Aura’s assistant (for lack of better word) about ghosts, hauntings, spirits, and her experiences. Then the subject changed to the number of people who came into the store looking for help with a place that is haunted and scaring those that live there.

Before I get into the practical side of figuring out if you have a haunting or not, let me just say that most haunted places are very safe. I would say that in spite of being a bit freaked out over noises that seem to come from nowhere, that if you live in a haunted house, you are 99% of the time perfectly safe. Most ghosts aren’t even conscious that you are there, so have no reason to “reach out and touch” you in any way shape or form. They are just there doing what they have always done. And even in the cases where the ghost is aware of you, they don’t have some sort of vendetta against the living. They were living at some point and just haven’t crossed over for some reason.

I could go on and on about various things that we have observed about spirits and ghosts and their behavior, but this is not really about that. It is about determining if you are haunted or not. And the first rule about hauntings is to look at the mundane before you start looking at the paranormal.

Most of the people that I know, live in older homes. Yes, older homes have a higher percentage rate of being haunted, but they also have a higher percentage rate of other problems. So be sure that what you are hearing and/or feeling isn’t just one of the other problems that comes with living in an older residence. Even if the place you live in is brand new, have these areas double checked just in case someone missed something somewhere.

1. If you are hearing noises, there are several mundane areas they can come from.

a. Check your plumbing, loose or old plumbing is responsible for a myriad of noises. And, yes those noises can sound like footsteps and can even sound like those footsteps are crossing the floor.
b. Check your wiring. We are living in an era that has power in every building, and some of those buildings have old wiring which is not shielded properly. This can lead to EMF (electromagnetic fields) interfering with the one you make naturally and creating some very unusual side effects in your mind and body (and yes we know that several of those reality shows talk about these and make up cure names for them. Other than the cute names, the advice given about them is accurate.) Have a qualified electrician check out wiring and fix any issues.
c. Check your flooring structure. If a place is new, it is possible that a nail or screw worked its way loose and is causing a squeaking or rubbing sound as the house settles or shifts, if the place is old, it has probably settled in just fine, but the wood maybe dry, leading to expanding and contracting as the humidity levels in the air rises and falls.

2. If you are feeling a draft, even in a new home, most likely is from a leaky window or a heating/air conditioning vent. Have a heating and air conditioning professional come in and test for leaks and fix them. This will also help you save on your energy bill.

3. If you are having issues with objects moving, falling off the walls, or other such actions, check your surrounding area and actions that happen there.

a. Do you live near a train? I lived in a house that always had picture frames off kilter because we lived several blocks from a train track. Those vibrations can travel quite a ways through the earth. You may not feel them but suspended objects like picture frame might.
b. Do you live near a major highway? Truck traffic is almost as bad for vibrations as train traffic. So living a few blocks away from a major highway can give you similar vibrations and cause objects to move from where you put them.
c. Do you live in an apartment where the closing of other people’s doors could cause your stuff to shift.
d. Do you live in an area that could cause the foundation to shift, creating tension in the structure and stuff to shift?

4. Are you seeing things that can’t be explained. Again, those darned EMFs can cause you to see things that are not there. Have a qualified electrician check out your wiring, since EMFs can do all sorts of things to you from visual and auditory hallucinations to skin rashes to feeling paranoid  and so on.

5. If you are feeling scared and uneasy all the time, talk to your doctor. We live in a high stress time and it is compounded by the economy and the number of people that are searching for jobs and if you have a job the fear that it may not be there tomorrow and so on. It is really easy to have some sort of temporary anxiety disorder and not realize it. Speaking to your doctor can clear up the difference between a haunting and anxiety fairly quickly.

Now, if you have ruled out all the mundane reasons for what is going on in your home and in your body, then you are probably experiencing some sort of paranormal activity in your home and experts should be called in. You can contact us, and we would be happy to try and help you, or there are a few paranormal investigation groups in the area. My personal favorite, although I have not worked with them, is the Wausau Paranormal Research Society . I love that they are TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society, yup those guys from “Ghost Hunters” on the SciFi Channel.) affiliated, which tells me that they are doing their best to rule out mundane reasons for what is happening. There are also other groups available to help you, just Google paranormal investigation and your location and start sorting through the listings.

I really hope this helps out people who are living in fear of their own homes, and if you need to speak to someone, email us your contact information at info@heartfeltministries.net and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.