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Congress targeting Muslims instead of Terrorism

Last week, I was reading the news on Google and stumbled upon information that our Congress is arguing to target Muslim organizations and monitor them. That is just any old Muslim organizations, not just the ones known for terrorism, nor are any other religious organizations targeted. Frankly this makes me angry.

One is that most, that is the vast majority, of Muslims from around the world are very peaceful people. They have great relationships with their neighbors, and live in communities that are primarily made up of other religions. Only a small few are making a fuss about the “infidel” and declaring jihad on the unbelievers. And when it comes to jihad, the word does not mean violence or war, which is how the media has portrayed it, but rather struggle. When it comes to struggle, many theologists, Muslim or not, agree that the struggle we all face within is much more difficult than struggling with your enemies. That being said, most Muslims are facing the struggle within and are not making enemies to struggle against.

To take it further, Peter King (Rep- New York) is stirring up Congress and Homeland Security against Muslim organizations and stating that these organizations need to be watched. Well that seems like an unconstitutional move, since we are supposed to be guaranteed freedom of religion. And when it comes to violence within the US, we are more in danger from our own government (Waco anyone?) or Christian organizations (Hutaree?) than we are from Islamic extremists over seas.

What is even harder to understand is why Muslims around the world are not outraged by this discriminatory behavior. Instead of being outraged that Americans are not taking the time to understand them, their beliefs or their culture, they are apologizing and allowing our miliarty to invade their countries and search for a handful of men (one over 6 foot tall and in need of consistant medical treatment) that for some reason cannot be found.

Seriously, our legislative leaders, both in the US congress and in the state goverment need to take a look at our founding principles and statements. We need to remember why so many men and women gave their lives for the past 235 years. They gave their lives for freedom, independence, and the Constitution. So, why are our leaders so hell bent on shreading it?