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Proofs of Love

Over the past few months and still now, I have been in the middle of my own health crisis. I have seen lots of doctors from the ones in the ER, my own family doc, and then the surgeon too. That also means that I have spent time in a lot of waiting rooms with a ton of magazines. I never really expected to find a basis for a blog while waiting to be seen by a doctor, but this month this article came back to me and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner and the theme of love in air, it seemed right to share it.

I picked up the waiting room copy of Good Housekeeping and found an article by Gretchen Rubin about her year long project on making herself and her life happier. The article is about how through giving love she found that she felt more loved. The idea that she had for one month was based on the saying that “There is no love. There are only proofs of love.” by the French poet Pierre Reverdy.  During this month of her Happiness Project she worked on making sure that the people in her life were shown proofs of love.

How many of us give proofs of love to those that really matter in our lives daily? I know that I am guilty of not always showing how much those around me matter. There always seems to be one more article that needs to be written, some one’s wedding to work on, cleaning to be done, a resume to fill out, a project for class, etc., etc., etc. To be honest, the excuses take longer to list than the time it would take to give all of those someones that proof of love that we all crave in our lives; those little things we want the people in our lives to do for us.

Giving someone you love a proof of how you feel is not expensive or time consuming. It can be a simple gesture: a hug, a phone call, a free e card that says “thinking of you.” You can always follow Rubin’s example and make silly phone calls to your loved ones as you go about your day. The truth about this is that we are considered the most connected society in the history of the world with our cell phones, laptops, netbooks, etc. but most of us still feel lonely and unloved. Let’s work to change that one person and one proof at a time. Spread those proofs of love in little, surprising ways.

If you have an idea how to show a proof of love that is inexpensive, or better yet free, please leave a comment and share your ideas. We love to see how varied and fun our readers are.

Loving Wastefully

Coming up with ideas to share here is sometimes hard and sometimes easy, as you can see by how often we actually post. We tend to look all over for inspiration, anything from the news, to other blogs, and even our friends. I have to thank my friend Rev Jeri Murphy for sharing the phrase “love wastefully.” The interpretation is that loving wastefully is without limits.

How many of us actually love wastefully? Unfortunately, I have to admit that I don’t always give my love away, but rather place limits on it. I know that many of you will say that is human nature, and maybe you are right. Yet again, what else do we have to give away that can be truly free in this life? As far as I can see nothing, but yet most of us, if not all of us, place limits on how we love one another.

This seems like the perfect topic considering that Valentine’s Day, the day we all think of love, is just around the corner. I challenge you to find 5 ways to love someone “wastefully” in your life each day. You don’t have to use your 5 ways on the same person all day, so feel free to spread it around. The point here is to try to create stronger connections to those that you love in your life in a world that sometimes seems bent on making us forget what is really important.

The one thought that I have is: can spreading love really ever be wasteful? It seems to me that the more love we spread the more we’ll get back, be it through a smile, laugh, hug, or some other way of showing that we matter and what we do for each other matters.

What we are thankful for….

Thanksgiving is less than a week from now, and it is that time of year that we all starting thinking about what we are thankful for. Of course we have the easy things, like friends, family, health, and so on… but what about those really difficult things to admit that we are thankful for them; you know those things that make us sound selfish and self centered….

Wait! Selfish and self-centered? Can we really be selfish and self-centered if we are being thankful? And why do we feel ashamed for being thankful for anything in our lives that is good?

My personal thankful list (starting with the easy ones):

  1. My husband who always seems to get the short end of the stick
  2. My kids who drive me nuts at times, but enrich my life so much
  3. My parents and step parents who taught me to at least be self sufficient.
  4. My friends who are always there, usually with a joke
  5. This blog, where I get to air my various opinions and thoughts
  6. Heartfelt Ministries as a whole because making money while helping someone is great
  7. Facebook for many entertaining hours of mindless dribble.
  8. Creativity, new ideas are always great.
  9. Romantic comedies, again entertainment
  10. Quiet time, keeps me sane.

What are you thankful for? Feel free to share your ideas too.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving my friends.

Rev. Kelly

Giving Back

Since today is National Make a Difference Day, this seems like the appropriate time to start begging for people to help their communities out. We all know that the economy sucks and that more of us need help than in previous years. Unfortunately there are also less of us giving since we all have less to go around. That being said, I am begging you to please donate food, time, or gently used clothes, housewares, furniture, shoes, bags, and anything else you think someone may need to get that hand up. It is so important for us to give back as much as we can.

If you live in Central Wisconsin like we do, here are some links that may help you find a place to donate those much needed items or maybe a place to volunteer that fits in with your schedule or ideas.

The Salvation Army

Catholic Charities
United Way
Red Cross
Portage County Hunger and Poverty Prevention
Operation Bootstrap

Keep in mind that the holidays are coming up as well. Donating over the next few months can make the holidays so much happier and nicer for those who are in need this year.

If you live outside of Central WI, some of these organizations have chapters nation wide, and are always in need of volunteers or for supplies. Give what you are able.

Thank you all for reading.

The Suicide Paradox

First of all, I am not suicidal, to be honest I am not even depressed, so you are not in for a whiney rant about how life sucks. Instead, this is more of a philosophical look at suicide, how religions view it and if that view is right or not.

For centuries, we have been told that suicide is the weak way out of life, the coward’s path. Judeo-Christian religions say that if you commit suicide, you go directly to hell…do not pass go, do not collect $200…and no matter what good you have done with your life, nothing can balance out that you took your own life. Buddhists believe that life is suffering, so if you are too depressed to go on, what else did you really expect? Wiccans and several other Pagan paths claim that all of life is sacred and taking your own life is shoving a precious gift from the Goddess back in Her face.

Then there is the whole reincarnation issue. Many religions and I would even venture to say most religions believe in reincarnation in some form or another. If you commit suicide and you know you are going to return to earth, what makes you think the next life is going to be any easier? Or what makes you think that you won’t be punished for your actions and come back as a lesser being (whatever that may be)?

Now, we are switching gears, just a bit…many people believe that we come to earth and live this life to learn certain lessons. The ones that commonly come up are learning to love, to forgive, to nurture, to be joyful, grateful, and at peace…and on and on. These lessons are always in a positive light, and it is great that we all want to learn to be a positive influence in life: ours and those around us. The problem that I have is that you can’t have the light without the dark; nature is always in positive/negative, yin/yang, male/female (and you get the point).

What if the lesson the suicidal feeling person was supposed to learn was the heart wrenching desolation, isolation, and depression that drives a person to take their own life? What if they are supposed to come back and be a social worker, psychologist, or other health care professional and their soul knowing that pain is imperative to their ability to help others? Do we assume that we know better than God, Goddess, Deity?

If we are really supposed to be here to learn specific and individual lessons, I would say that it is fair that we are supposed to let people live out the destinies that they have chosen for themselves. If someone tells you that they want to kill themselves, always take them seriously and intervene; you never know, it may be your destiny to change their mind.

All that being said, a good friend once told me that there’s always hope if you’re breathing, so breathe on friends, breathe on.