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Technology and religion

Did you know that you can get an app for your iPhone for almost any religious belief? You can download an app that will give you a random Bible verse at the touch of the screen, teach the Quaran to you, or even give incense to the Hindu god, Ganesh (the one that looks like an elephant). If you want to find an app to help you celebrate your beliefs, it is out there and available in an app store. These apps even come with buttons to tweet your followers that you are going to be offline pursuing spiritual matters and not communicating with them that day or weekend.

I think that this idea goes along with our topic this Saturday during the discussion group on how we include our religious beliefs in our every day lives. With so many of us carrying around phones, iPads, and other portable devices, this seems the next logical step for religion to take, the cyberworld.

How do you live your religious beliefs in our modern world? Does your phone have an app or are you still practicing in a low tech way? Maybe your religious texts are now on your computer where it can read them to you, instead of reading it to yourself. Please leave us a comment that lets us know how your beliefs come out in your life.