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Let’s get political…for just a moment

Lately I have dreaded opening my email, which is generally a source of fun and enjoyment for me. I love emailing my friends, family, and all the people that have come to HM to either participate with our discussion group or come to us to be married their way. It is just nice to be able to stay in touch so quickly and easily. But as the November 2010 elections draw near, I hate finding my inbox littered with intolerance, elitism, and entitlement.

I am sure that many of you, if not all of you, have received these emails that say:
Boarders, closed
Language, English
Culture, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Bible.
“We the people are coming” along with change (or other similar lines) and then moves on to trigger our National pride with the Pledge of Allegiance and the motto on our money (hint: In God We Trust).

I am sorry but this email is not in the American spirit, at least not the America I grew up in, not the America I learned about in history class, and not the America I want to live in either.

Borders closed? Which borders? Canada? Mexico? Maybe Florida since their population is made up of a significant portion of Cuban born people. What about being the country that will shelter the oppressed from political and religious persecution? When did we become so selfish?

Language English? Yes a majority of us speak English and only English, and yes I agree it is annoying to push 1 or any other number for an English speaking representative. Our forefathers didn’t have an official language because locally, each community spoke the language of those who settled there. German communities spoke German, Polish spoke Polish, Spanish spoke Spanish, and French…you get the point. English was a common language that most spoke because of the English military presence around the world. Additionally, choosing an official language will discriminate against those who do not speak it, and I bet that most of us can find an immigrant or two in our past who didn’t speak a lick of English and were welcomed here with open arms.

And, there is the little fact that most of our customer service and tech support is overseas, where they deal with almost all spoken languages, so pushing one for English and two for other is just how they route it. For those who are still based in America, our fastest growing demographic is our Hispanic population and from a business perspective, it makes more sense to cater to those who speak Spanish rather than ignore them (fast forward to being creative and ingenious).

And the Bible? Again, no religious text ever came directly from heaven, Deity, or any place else but through a human hand.Therefore it is imperfect and not to be used as a political guide. Not that our politicians are doing any better, but America was founded on religious freedom, and that means if we are to use the Bible to base secular law on, we should use the Koran, the Vedas, and every other scripture out there to be fair. I think I will stick to the principles of separation of church and state (and yes, I know it is not in the Constitution, but many of our laws are based upon the theory).

About the only thing I can agree with is that We the People are coming, and we do vote. But we should not rely on politicians to solve our economy and other problems; our ancestors didn’t. We have to relearn to rely upon ourselves to fix our problems. Learn how to create money ourselves, and forget the promises of those in office. They made this mess to begin with, they haven’t figured out how to fix it, so we have to through the original American spirit: Hard Work, Creativity and Ingenuity,  Dedication to Family, Supporting, Loving, and Helping our Neighbors. That is the America that will build a future for us, our children, and our grandchildren.

And stop sending me those irritating emails. I just end up sending cranky responses to them. Thank you.