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The Post-Election Blues

It’s all over and for once there isn’t much shouting. Obama is once again the President, but sadly the Congressional roster didn’t change all that much. The Democrats have hung on to the senate but the Republicans have kept the House. It may be silly of me but I choose to be cautiously optimistic.

For the last four years we’ve heard the Republicans declare that defeating Obama was their highest priority. Not being wise legislators, not creating good laws and not balancing the budget.

While the overall makeup of our government has not really changed that much, the Republicans have suffered some pretty serious losses in the public eye. Democrats as well have been smacked in the face with the realization that this is a new political game out there. They, however, do seem to be far more adaptable than the Republicans.

As a voter and a citizen of the United States of America, I have some hopes for the next few years. I don’t think they are outrageous or extreme, I think they are fairly reasonable. Here they are:

  • Party infighting has got to stop. Congress has done nothing but stall and create a vicious cycle of fiscal difficulties and then tried to blame it on the other guy. I don’t care who started it, clean it up.
  • Compromise is not a dirty word. It also is not treason to make a deal that will benefit the entire country and not just your political party.
  • Pragmatism has its’ place, and it is definitely in politics. Be practical and you can get a lot more done, no matter which side of the aisle you are on.
  • Obstructionism is the political name for whining and throwing a temper tantrum when you don’t get your own way, and that is how our senators and congressmen look while doing nothing. See also filibustering.
  • Pump some money into the small business sector.
  • Get some basic manufacturing back on home soil. Right now we can’t make our own toothpicks, for gods’ sake. Get some agribusiness and biotech in the pipeline.
  • Improve the school system. Smart ideas have to come from somewhere.
  • Take care of our own, first. We’ve spent sixty years being the helping hand all over the world, but we have forgotten to take care of ourselves.

Like I said, I feel these are reasonable expectations for the new congress for the next four years. The tragic thing is that I really don’t see any of them happening in the near future without some pretty serious attitude adjustments taking place for both republicans and democrats. I can only watch and hope and plan for the next election.

Find your peace, friends.

Rev. Zita

A Chink in DOMA’s Armor?

The argument for keeping same sex marriage illegal in many states, including Wisconsin (although we have more problems with Walker in charge than just this) is the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Last week we may have seen the first chink against DOMA and defending it on a legal status. President Obama announced that he was telling the US Attorney not to defend the US DOMA and declared it “indefensible” and even parts“unconstitutional.”

Granted how Obama is declaring DOMA against the law is not really a legal standing but one of political opinion, but the fact that the president is stating that same sex marriages should be considered a legal joining is a good thing. It is one more little victory for gay marriage which is one more step for real equality in the US.

Republicans are still trying to defend DOMA in court and are still screaming that this is the way marriage was intented, but this is 2011 not 1776 and our views have changed since then. Even if we look to more modern history, such as the innocent 1950s, we find the our views of marriage, relationships and sexuality have changed. The recognition of such change across America and the fact that there are 13 states where a civil union is recognized, including our nation’s capitol. Two of those states are our neighbors: Iowa and Illinios.

But here, in Wisconsin, we are still a DOMA state with only limited rights for gay relationships and no recognition of marriage. That will hopefully soon be changing with Obama standing up and saying that the federal version of DOMA is unconstitutional, which in turn should invalidate the one here as well.

Personally, I like Lorraine Devon Wilke’s words: I have been married for two decades and my marriage does not neeed defending. Thank you Mrs. Wilke! I have not been married as long as you, but my marriage does not need defending either. And to take that thought one more step, I fail to see what anyone else’s marriage has to do with mine, include gay marriage. No one else can change what my marraige is.