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Do We Need a Manual for Living

Have you ever wished that somebody out there had written a guidebook for life? Heaven knows I do. I look around at the stuff going on around me and I just get confused. They say that with age comes wisdom, and I’m old enough to admit that there needs to be some sort of instruction manual.

Doesn’t it just make sense to have one? I mean come on, we have manuals for gaming stations, and that’s trivial! I think we need a practical, pragmatic, down-to-earth common sense guide to handle the crap life throws at us.

Now before somebody tells me to go read the Bible, let me tell you that I have already, three times, cover to cover, and including the Apocrypha. I’m not talking about a religious guide, I’m talking about one that goes over stuff like doing laundry, how to clean; to cook, controlling your money, managing time, taking care of your body and your mind, etc.

You know: all that stuff you were supposed to learn in high school and never did because you were being all angst-ridden like a good teenager.

I know there are already guides out there that cover everything I’m talking about, but it’s time we had something comprehensive; something that pulled it all together into one package that made sense. You can find books that will tell you how to do everything from change your oil to choose wine; from how to trim your own hair to choosing a lawyer. What we need is something that will pull all that information together into a cohesive encyclopedia of living, a compendium of domesticity.

We need of Universal Field Theory of American Life! (Cue thunderous applause)

What do you think it should contain? I’m thinking things like basic household skills: cooking, cleaning, laundry and organization. Then we can add things like basic manners and courtesy, the principles of respect, how to make a budget, manage your money, pay bills and keep your credit rating up there.

Should we include tech skills as well? They change so quickly that I’m not sure about that.

What about dating? Do we need a section on dating etiquette? Birth control should also be covered and there is bound to be a few folks with their own opinions about that subject. That’s fine, let us hear from you!

Accounting? Business? Auto repair? What subjects do you wish had been taught in school that weren’t? What do you need to know now to make your life run more smoothly?

Please let us know. I f we get a large enough response, we may even consider making this a series or an ebook! It all depends on what you want us to research for you! Let’s make the Practical Heretic live up to its’ name!

Rev Zita