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The Wayseers

I know that I have written two other posts on this book, The Wayseers by Garret John LoPorto, and that those posts may be a bit confusing. That is probably because I was confused, which to be honest is not that difficult to do to me lately.

I do like the book and would recommend that you read it if you are into alternative theories on psychology and spirituality. LoPorto starts out with the study of a mutation to the DRD4, something, something gene. It is one of those long scientific names that seems to always throw me for a loop. So anyway, I did some searching and while I do not find Wikipedia to always be a great source of information, in this case it was one of the few that I could actually understand. LoPorto appears to be quoting old studies that gave this gene mutation credit for the thrill seeking personality. There may be a gene out there that determines thrill seeking traits, this gene is not it. What this gene does tell us is the likelihood that the person with it will have a serious mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or ADHD. Which LoPorto makes some link between these mental illnesses and the repressed thrill seeking impulses.

LoPorto also quotes Otto Rank quite often, who started out as Freud’s assistant in Vienna, but gained his own popularity through writing alternatives to the mainstream psychology of the time. Admittedly, I have not read Rank’s work so can not agree with or criticize LoPorto’s use or evaluation of it.

Where I did find the confusion is that the link to God or Heart, as LoPorto put it. I am all for a God centered life, whatever that God may be, and living your life as you see fit as well. LoPorto most of the time seems to say that same thought, but at times takes it further by stating that we should follow our impulses. OK, that would be fine if all our impulses were pure, kind, and loving, but we all know that there are darker impulses that if expressed would make our own hell on earth.

Later in the book, LoPorto talks about following those impulses that come not from ego but from the deeper heart. I am not sure that the ego can create impulses, since this is supposed to be the thinking part of us, not the emotional part. Anything from the ego should be thought out and calculated, not impulsive. But those things from the emotions are impulsive.

Granted I am not a psychologist, nor am I well read on most of the supporting materials LoPorto used to hold his theory up. That being said, most of the book was interesting and kept the mind busy examining his thoughts.

Since the mind is still a mysterious landscape for science and the rest of us, I have to stand in support of the fact that until absolutely proven otherwise, LoPorto’s theories are just as valid as anyone’s. And if nothing else, does give us a more positive approach to ourselves than many other ones available to us.

Wayseers are more than an attitude, maybe

As you all know, we purchased the book The Wayseers by Garret John Loporto because it seemed interesting, applicable to how we think, and might help explain my children since many times I find myself at a lack of understanding when it comes to some of their behaviors.

Admittedly, I think that I am a non-conformist, even if I am not a thrill seeker. According to Loporto’s list of attributes, I am one of what he terms the wayseers, and so are my children. While he claims that the wayseers are only about 10% of the population, the list of attributes and their widespread appearance in society could mean that his theory is more widespread than he states. Anyway, Loporto theorizes that this particular group of individuals all have the DRD4 exon III 7-repeat allele (DRD4 7) and this causes them to be thrill seekers and dreamers.

I have no clue if I have that quirk physically, and I am not much of a thrill seeker, but I do tend to think outside the box and take chances that others may not (heck I started a business that I had no clue about success or failure, but it worked). I also tend to be a day dreamer and like my alone time to think, let my mind wander, and meditate, which are states that Loporto claims are the normal state of being for the wayseer.

In addition to reading Loporto’s book, I did my own research about that DRD4 7 quirk and found that it is a real thing that scientists and psychologists are studying. Some studies are stating that there is a link between the thrill seeking tendencies in some people and this gene and others say there is no link.

What are your thoughts? Is there a physical reason for seeking that adrenalin rush?

Be Blessed.
Rev. Kelly

Are You a Wayseer?

Wayseer is a term coined by Garret John LoPorto and he uses it to group together freethinkers, thrill seekers and other people that have non-conformist tendencies. A friend posted a video that LoPorto did that is an interesting rap/song about how the Wayseer is the leader of the future, as long as they embrace their different way of looking at the world and expressing themselves.

Originally I was interested because it seemed to describe my youngest son, who is always looking to do things his way and is stubborn as heck about it too. So, I thought that maybe I would get insight into how his little brain works and maybe figure out a way to deal with his unique thought process. I bought the book and have started reading the e-version. I have only made it through the first chapter.

Normally I do not promote products and say that one should purchase them, and I am not saying that you should purchase this book either. I have just found the premise very interesting that a gene that only 10% of the population has can make a person think and act differently enough to change the other 90% of society.

LoPorto appears to be encouraging free, independent thought; for one to look at something and see what others seem to miss or accept on faith alone. Gee, that sounds like what we do. We like to bring you interesting ideas, thoughts, or just things that we find and share them and hope that you see what we see or if you see it differently that you speak up and tell us.

As I read this book and see what it offers, I will share. If you decide that you want to purchase this book yourself, please share your thoughts on it with us. We would love to know what you think about it.