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Time and how it seems to escape us

I seem to have lost a week somewhere in the chaos that is my life. Being a mom, a wife, a business owner, working, and going back to college (almost done with that though) seems to have fried my brain some. I thought that Lughnassad and Lammas were this week and not last week, and was planning on giving more information on those than just the Interfaith calendar posted last week.

Instead, you are getting a bit of a weird message from the deep depths of my fried brain on how we think we are on top of things, but time just seems to escape us. It isn’t just a day on a calendar or a set of numbers on a clock; it seems to be a thing that takes on a life of its own. Sometimes it is slow and either we enjoy relaxing or we are in a place where we wish time would move faster (like work…) and then there are times that we are enjoying ourselves and times flies by, and we wish we could slow it down.

Do you remember being a kid and it is the beginning of summer and you look out over those long days coming up that will be filled with swimming, fishing, biking, and what not with friends? It seemed as if those days would last forever (I fear I am beginning to sound like a bad Bryan Adams song), and school would never return again. Of course it eventually did, but not until the joys of summer lost their luster and it seemed as if everything that could be done during summer…well, you and your friends did it.

Then along came adolescence and time just went a little faster. We filled our lives with class and jobs, girlfriends/boyfriends, sports, clubs, and other things (and we are just not going there folks). We were busy with our lives and soon it was time for proms, graduations, and goodbyes. Some of us went off to college, and others of us joined the military, and the rest of us joined the working stiffs.

But with work occupying our days and dating, pairing off, some of us getting married and others either avoiding the issue or still looking for that one, well, time sped up even more. Then along come kids, and time is just chugging along at a swift clip…and then start adding in the fact that age makes us feel the pressures that we didn’t pursue our dreams as we wanted to…and that clock might as well be on fast forward.

What I wouldn’t give for those long lazy days of youth, where the only thing timing us is the sun. Heck, at this point, I would like to not be missing a week in my life and actually be celebrating holidays when they are traditionally celebrated rather than feeling like a fool and having the feast of the first harvest on my own schedule.

To be honest, the moments I want to remember always go by so fast and the ones that aren’t so great seem to last forever. I would like to have the remote control that speeds up and slows down my time line so I can stretch out those times that are so important and just make those slow times into normal time…I feel no need to speed up the clock. And thank you for listening to a ramble; feel free to comment or to tell your story.