The Church of the Pig

I know that some of you know my husband, and that most of you probably do not. For those of you who don’t, here is his picture….

(He caught those salmon last fall).

Any, Ken is quite irreverent when it comes to religion and tends to be somewhere between a Gnostic and an Atheist, but anyway, not really part of the story. This was for our first April meeting, and Ken got up when I did and started to make breakfast. I was getting ready and Ken comes into the bedroom talking about how a pig is the perfect animal . It gives us food and footballs, and to be honest I can’t remember what else this animal does. He was extremely excited about the pig being perfect.

Shortly after, there is the delicious smell of bacon cooking wafting into the bedroom. Ken almost dances (if you can imagine that) back into the bed room and presents this perfectly circular piece of bacon on his palm, and says “Communion of the Church of the Pig.” I can’t help but to giggle and take the round of bacon and almost wolf it down (I love bacon). The Ken says “Bacon is just a little piece of heaven for us to enjoy” and leaves the room only to pop his head back in to say “When you are ready, the alter is available for worship.”

At this point, curiosity really got to me. I finished putting on my shoes, and went to the kitchen.  On the island in the middle is a mounding plate of bacon, then a huge platter of scrambled eggs, and a stack of buttered (yes, that would be real butter, we are in Wisconsin) toast.

I don’t think that we have had more enthusiastic worshipers anywhere. That buffet of breakfast was gone in no time (keep in mind that I have two growing boys with hollow legs). And I left for the meeting at Kindred Spirit.

Now, we have the First Reformed Church of Sponge Bob and the First Church of the Spider Pig , so why not have a Church of the Pig, where the communion is little strips of bacon made into rounds and it goes great with a side of eggs and toast?

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