This is beyond sad

I was just poking around on the news and came across this video , and it saddens me and angers me that no one would help these men. I cried because these men had to suffer without aid and alone. These men were someone’s husband; father, brother, son, and friend. They deserved better than to be left and passed by on the street to die.

I just can’t understand how a person can take out their cell phone to take pictures but not be bothered enough to dial three little numbers. We have video of all those people passing by, and I personally think that each and every one of them should be found and charged with accessory to murder. The help that one short phone call could have brought would have saved a life and held up one person for just a few minutes. Instead the world is short a person that someone loves and misses dearly.

And I certainly do not understand how we can be the most connected society in the history of the world and not have any compassion for our neighbors, people we just pass on the street…to be so connected to everything and to have causes to “fix” so much that is wrong with us, but yet not want to take a chance and help fix something ourselves?

I know that Rev Zita signs off with Find your peace….but maybe today it should be find your compassion.

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