Who are these Guys?

Who are these moral authorities?


I was watching the responses to the passage of New York’s Same-sex marriage bill, and I started to wonder a few things. Normally this gets me in trouble, and if you know me, you know why that is, but this time I think the issue is a little bigger than a prank somewhere.

Why do religious leaders think they have authority over the sexuality of their followers? Who gave them that authority? Where did it come from? Why do people obey it? Last but not least, why is it when these leaders make those very stringent rules, the same leaders are the ones that violate them most egregiously?

We’ve all seen the church scandals on the web and in the papers. First this evangelist and then that one is accused of either sleeping with the wife of some church official or secretary, or they’ve been seeing some male prostitute for homosexual favors or doing drugs, or yada, yada, yada. The Church scandals are so ubiquitous that nobody is even making jokes about it on late night TV anymore. It’s pretty bad when even a comedian is bored with your crimes and misbehaviors.

These are the guys who have the nerve to protest when two consenting adults, of sound mind and body, want legal recognition of their relationship like free and upstanding citizens. When two people no longer want to hide their affection and choose to share their lives in a mature and responsible fashion, shouldn’t we applaud? We should be happy that they respect marriage so much that they are willing to fight for it, come hell or high water.

The so-called protectors of family values are pretty much self-appointed as far as I can tell. I can’t find any real basis for their assumption of this authority, other than them pointing to things written by their own authors, which is a circular argument and does nothing to prove anything. Yet they claim the right to enforce their views on everything from sexual behavior to reproductive medicine.

Unless you are a practitioner of Tantra, sexuality and religion are two separate things, no matter how many times you scream “Oh God!!” a night. With the much publicized failures of these moral authorities to follow their own rules, they have more or less abrogated any claims they may have had to protecting the morality of we, the sad and very disgusted populace. If they can’t behave according to their own rules, why should we?

I don’t know how or when exactly religious authorities decided to extend their stringent rules and regulations into our bedrooms, but it needs to stop. It has been going on for centuries and nowadays with the internet we see their failures all too clearly. We need to really take a step back and actually look at what is going on. We need to ask the question: why are you telling us what is right when you do everything wrong?

Find your peace, friends.

Rev. Zita

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